A small tale of Echo Park

A quick ‘surprise’ post from me.

I’ve been feeling quite unwell but, conscious that I have barely any time left in LA, I decided to venture out to Echo Park today to see an exhibition on LA punk and check out the area properly.

I took the bus a little further than I needed to and got off in a section of Echo Park called Angelino Heights, where I came upon this gem of a motel/motel sign.

After visiting the exhibition, which featured gig flyers, photos and artworks relating to rabble-rousing LA/CA scaries like Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, the Circle Jerks, X, the Germs and the Minutemen, and then stopping for lunch at one of those vegan/organic places that also tend to be gluten-free aware, I stumbled upon a crazy shop called the Echo Park Time Travel Mart. Its layout resembles that of a traditional convenience store, but it sells some highly unusual and amusing products. I didn’t get any photos myself, but check out this to see what I mean.

Turns out that the purpose of the store is to raise funds for an organisation that teaches writing skills to children and teenagers. The workshops actually take place in the back room of the Time Travel Mart. The whole thing made my heart flutter and my soul soar … um, yeah, I liked it and I think it’s cool. I took to Google when I got home and discovered that it is part of the Dave Eggers empire, which would explain the display shelves heaving with copies of The Believer and McSweeney’s. They are looking for volunteer teachers, and if I was staying in LA longer I would definitely offer my services.

There are some striking buildings and some unbelievably steep streets in Echo Park. I came upon some stand-alone units (maybe early/mid 20th century, blocky, but with a Spanish Mission flavour) that were built on a steep incline. Quite mind bending and I should have taken photos.

I also walked past these fabulous structures.

I suppose this quiet story is just to illustrate how there is always something new to discover here, if you put in a little effort.


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